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Wild Boar

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On average in France, the length of the male is 140-165 cm, that of the female is 125-145 cm.
Weight: male 100-110 kg , female 70-80 kg, these figures are only estimates. In fact, the weight of individuals can be very variable depending on the food availability of the environment. Adult males can sometimes exceed 150 kg in rich environments. It can live up to 15 years. Its age is determined by dentition.
-0 to 6 months, the wild boar wears a striped livery, alternating in the direction of the length of the animal with light stripes and dark stripes. It is called marcassin.
-6 to 12 months, the bristles (hair of the upper layer) take on a red color, hence its name then of red beast.
-12 to 24 months, the coat darkens again to give the dark color of subadult and adult animals. The wild boar is then a black best or a forelock.
– 2 to 3 years old, The boar is then ragot or ragote.
– 3-4 years old, female laie and male third year
– 4-5 years old, female laie and male quartanier
– Adult male is called solitary and from 6 years old is called old boar or old laie
– from the age of 7 he is a big old boar or an old laie
The rut takes place from the middle of November to the middel of January.
In nature, second litter is not observed in the same year. Young laie, around the age of one year, can give birth exceptionally if they weigh is more than 40 kg at the end of winter. The births, all the earlier as the forest fruits are abundant, are spread from January to June.