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With twice as many species as the small game, the big game and the mountain game combined, the water game, also called waterfowl, clearly shines by its variety. Of the 60 species that make up this group, 36 are huntable in France. This family is divided into three main categories:
– The Anatids: Mallard and other surface ducks, diving ducks and geese.
– Les Limicoles: Huitrier-Pie, Lapwing, Plovers, Curlew, Red Knot Barges, Snipe, Knights (except Guignette), Gravelots, Tournepierre.
“The rallidae: crowds, macroulas, rattles, hens of water.”
Species diversity and many hunting modes (hut, canvas or hut, boot, past or pond surveys, etc.), arouse many desires and whose common goal of every game hunter is above all pleasure and contact with nature.