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General terms of Use

You can place your orders directly:
– Either via the internet:
– Either by phone: +33 Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm.

How do I place an order on the site?
– Selection on the site of one or more “Hunting Days and Discoveries ®”.
– Following this selection, a summary of all the choices and the total price of the selected products, your contact details, the possible shipping costs, your payment method, will allow you to check the details of your order and thus make the necessary changes, before the final registration of your order;
– Your “first click” will allow the registration of your order, subject to having expressly accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale.
– Your order will only be registered when you last have your validation, which will manifest itself in your “second click.” Before the order is validated, information about the essential characteristics of the product ordered and information about the price is recalled to the Customer.
– In case of payment by credit card, this “second click” will correspond to the time of check-in your bank details. However, your contract will only be finalized after your bank accepts the payment.
– In case of payment by bank cheque, the contract will be finally concluded only upon receipt of the cheque by Chasse & découvertes®, within fifteen (15) days of the registration of the order on the Site.

Article 1 : Terms of use of Gifts vouchers.

1.1 : In the event that you are not the beneficiary of the gift voucher, you are invited to bring to the knowledge of the beneficiary the conditions developed below.
1.2 :Hunting Days and Discoveries ®” are activated when they are paid. All unable “Hunting Days and ® Discoveries” will not be used. In case of activation problem, proof of purchase (e-mail confirmation of the order) will have to be given to get the box activated after the fact. We therefore invite you to keep the proof of purchase well.
1.3 : For a gift voucher, only the presentation to the partner by the beneficiary of the original order code entitles you to a benefit.
Recipients are strongly advised to book the Benefit as soon as possible.
It is always necessary to keep proof of purchase, especially in case of activation problems.
1.4 : The delivery of a benefit is only possible on presentation:
For the “Hunting Days and discoveries ®” of the order code.
The delivery of the service will take place after the partner has checked the order code.
It is recalled that the issuance of the benefit is subject to the specific conditions of the chosen partner, such as the conditions of cancellation, modification of the booking, the physical conditions or age of the beneficiary.
For “Hunting Days and Discoveries ®”, the recipient may modify or cancel his booking free of charge if this request occurs more than 10 days before the scheduled date of execution of the service. After this period, no changes or cancellations will be taken into account or entitled to a refund.
It is recalled that “Hunting and discoveries ®” has a mission of intermediary between the beneficiary and the partner and that under no circumstances “Chasse et découvertes ®” buys the Partner’s Benefit.
1.5 : The partner is always responsible for the proper performance of the service. “Chasse et découvertes ®” is responsible under the conditions provided by law. If necessary, “Chasse et découvertes ®” will make its best efforts to try to find an amicable solution to the conflict between the partner and the beneficiary. In any event, the distributor can never be liable for the performance of any performance.
1.6 : The Gift voucher is redeemable under the terms specified in Articles 9 and 10 of these Terms and Conditions.
1.7 : Partners selected by “Chasse et découvertes ®have declared to the latter that they hold professional liability insurance for amounts that are notoriously sufficient for the provision of benefits and possess all the authorizations and diplomas to carry out their activities on a regular basis and in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions.
However, the beneficiary is asked to verify that he or she itself has sufficient insurance coverage, particularly for the practice of certain so-called “risky” sports activities. The recipient is reminded that the provision of benefits in good security conditions does not exempt him from following the basic rules of caution for sports activities, especially those said to be “at risk”. The beneficiary accepts the risks accordingly.
1.8 : The photographs and editorial content featured in the “Chasse et découvertes ®” website are not contractual and may change. Partial or complete reproduction is prohibited.

Article 2 : Price and terms of settlement

Article 2.1 : Price

– The prices of the “Hunting Days and Discoveries ®”, posted on the site, are those in effect on the day of the order.
– “Hunting Days and Discoveries ®” are outside the scope of VAT.
– For gift VOUCHERs, the shipping costs, defined in Article 5.4, for mail delivery are not included in the price, unless it is specifically mentioned on the part of “Chasse et découvertes ®“. These fees are charged extra and indicated before the final validation of your order.

Article 2.2 : Terms of settlement
The payment of the order can, at your choice, be made by bank cheque, credit card, or bank transfer according to the following terms:
– By credit card (Blue Card, Visa Card, Eurocard/Mastercard, Amex) :
Indicating directly in the field provided for this purpose, the card number, its validity date, as well as its control code located on the back of the card. The full amount of the order will be debited from the credit card on the day of the order. “Chasse et découvertes ®”  reserves the right to suspend all processing of the order in case of refusal of payment authorization on the part of your bank. The site allows you to transmit your bank details confidentially and securely, when ordering (secure entry by SSL encryption).
– By bank check.
– The shipping times for the “Hunting Days and Discoveries ®” will be calculated from the date the cheque is received.
– The cheque must be sent to the following address: SASU Chasse et découvertes  61 Boulevard Marchant Duplessis 37000 Tours France.
– By bank transfer all banking data is given when validating your order.
Article 2.3 : Payment Security
In order to protect the User  from any fraudulent practice, “Hunting Days and Discoveries ®” orders are subject to regular checks. As part of this procedure, our services may be required to suspend the processing of an order and contact the User or recipient to obtain the necessary proofs for the release of the order : proof of residence, identity or debit. These vouchers must correspond to the delivery and billing details entered at the time of the order and, if necessary, to the contact details of the payment card holder used.
For an order that has a different delivery address than the billing address, “Chasse et découvertes ®” may be required to contact the two persons mentioned; namely, the person attached to the billing address and the person listed for the delivery address.
The information obtained in this context will be subject to automated data processing, with the aim of defining a level of transaction security and combating credit card fraud.”
These proofs may be requested by e-mail, postal or telephone. Their non-transmission may result in the cancellation of the order.

Article 3 : Right of retraction

When purchasing a Day of Hunting and Discovery ®, under the terms of Section L.121-21 of the Consumer Code, you have 14 (fourteen) free days to exercise your right of withdrawal without having to justify grounds or pay penalties.
The 14-day period mentioned above runs from the receipt of the Hunting and Discovery Gifts ® by you.
When the 14-days period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday or a bank holiday, it is extended until the next business day.
You can exercise your right of withdrawal very simply by going to the “contact us” page of the Site, and let us know by email.
Once the communication of the retraction received by “Chasse et découvertes ®, the latter will immediately communicate to the customer an acknowledgement of its retraction on a sustainable medium (e-mail)
“Chasse et découvertes ®” reserves the right to refuse any return transmitted beyond the legal deadline of withdrawal.
Any retraction made in accordance with the terms of this article will result in a refund of the full value of the “Chasse et découvertes ®” Gift or Gifts , within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Customer informed “Chasse et découvertes ®” of his decision to recant.
The refund will be made either by cheque or by wire transfer of the value of the Day of Hunting and Discoveries ® purchased, excluding shipping costs.
It is recalled for all intents and purposes that the right of withdrawal referred to above applies only to Hunting Days and Discoveries ® purchased on this site.

Article 4 : Proof of orders/archiving

You are expressly informed that, unless you make a clear error, the data stored in the “Chasse et découvertes ®databases  have any evidence of past orders.
Data on computer or electronic media stored regularly constitute admissible and opposable evidence in the same terms and with the same probative force as any document that would be received and kept in writing.

Article 5 : Delivery

Article 5.1 : Availability of “Hunting Days and ® Discoveries”
The Hunting Days and Discoveries ® are products published in limited quantities, partly because of the limited reception capacity of the partners and on the other hand because of the limited validity period in time. In the event of a temporary or permanent stock outage, the Customer will be informed of this unavailability, as the order will not be able to end up in this format.

Article 5.2 : Delivery Location
“Chasse et découvertes ®” sends the  gift voucher only to Metropolitan France, Corsica included and European Union countries
The Vouchers for a “Day of Hunting and Discoveries ®” will be delivered to you at the address you have indicated when entering your order. The liability of “Chasse et découvertes ®” therefore cannot be incurred in any way in case of absence on your part during the delivery of the gift voucher or in case of error of entry, on your part, during the handing over of the order. It will be up to you to contact “Chasse et découvertes ®”under the conditions of Article 10.

Article 5.3 : How Gift Boxes Are Delivered and Delivery Time
The maximum delivery time is 8 working days from the confirmation of the order.
If you pay by bank cheque, the gift voucher will be sent after cashing it.
Delivery can be made by package track, Colissimo or Chronopost.
As information, and without “Chasse et découvertes ®” is bound by this deadline.
Package follow-up option : Day + 3 to 5 business days for delivery
Collissimo option : Day+ 2 working days. Option Chronopost : Day + 1 for any order placed before 12:00 p.m.

Article 5.4 : Shipping
The shipping fee is flat-rate and is charged in addition to the price of  the Hunting Days and Discoveries ® as follows:
For the parcel delivery mode tracked, Colissimo and Chronopost : For France
Letter followed: 4.90 euros (updated according to the post office rates)
Collissimo tracked 7.90 TTC (updated according to The Post’s rates)
Chronopost before 1pm: 29.90 euros TTC (updated according to Post office rates)

Article 6 : Non-comformity.

Article 6.1 : Reservations to be made to the carrier for damage or missing
Any GIFT delivered will have to be carefully checked by the customer and any reservations on the carrier’s slip in case of partial or total deterioration.
The customer will also have to indicate and motivate the carrier’s reservations by recommended letter, within 72 hours of receiving the contested gift box.
In absence of reservations, the product is deemed to be delivered in good condition and will not be subject to any further challenge to “Chasse et découvertes ®
Article 6.2 : Error from “Chasse et découvertes ®
The customer must submit by e-mail (“contact us”) as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours after receiving the order for any errors found.

The transfer of ownership and risks will take place at the time of the issuance of the Voucher(s) for a “Day of Hunting and Discoveries ®” to the Customer.

Article 7 : The validity of the boxes.

These Hunting Days and discoveries ® have a validity period of one year compared to their purchase date for any booking.

Article 8 : Terms of exchange.

“Chasse et découvertes ®” is never refundable.
Exchanges always take place on the basis of the purchase value to be exchanged, i.e. according to the price actually paid by the buyer of the Day of Hunting and Discoveries ®, possible reduction included.
The Day of Hunting and Discoveries ®is redeemable free of charge for a cash value equal to its purchase value, on the “Chasse et découvertes ®”website .
The asset is then usable for the purchase of a new Day of Hunting and Discoveries ®, itself again redeemable at no cost under the same conditions.
If you use it for a Day of Hunting and Discovery ® of a higher value, you will have to pay the difference at the time of the exchange.
In the event of an exchange for a Hunting Day and Discoveries ® of a lower value exchanged, the balance of your assets will be credited to your assets and will remain usable indefinitely for any other purchase on all Hunting Days and Discoveries ®

Article 9 : Customer-claim service

Any other requests for information and details regarding, among other things, the purchase, reimbursement, exchange, operation of the “Hunting Days and Discoveries ®”, must be addressed to Chasse et découvertes ®: either by phone on +33 Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm excluding public holidays, or via our website referring to the “Contact Us” section.
Chasse et découvertes ® reserves the right not to follow up on a buyer’s and/or beneficiary’s claim following a purchase outside its traditional distribution network and in particular in the case of a direct purchase from an individual.

Article 10 : Protection of personal data.

Concerned about the privacy of the User and the protection of the information transmitted to him, Chasse et découvertes ® complies with the applicable privacy laws. Except for the email address collected at the time of your request to verify the validity of your Hunting Day and discoveries ® the data collected is processed by Chasse et découvertes ®for the purpose of registering and processing orders, managing your customer account, marketing studies, statistics and commercial prospecting.
Any user of the site has the opportunity by registering for the Newsletter, to receive by e-mail information allowing him to better know the site, to better use it and to know better the offers offered by Chasse et découvertes ®
Any user will have the opportunity to object at no cost, except those related to the transmission of the refusal if necessary, to the use of his personal data for commercial prospecting by Chasse et découvertes ®. Subject to your prior consent, your data may be transferred to third parties, including Chasse et découvertes ® business partners  who can send you commercial prospecting letters.
In accordance with the provisions of Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 “Computers and Freedoms”, amended, you have a right of access, rectification, deletion of personal data and a right of opposition that you exercise. To do so, you must send a mail to the following mail address :

Article 11 : Responsibility.

Chasse et découvertes ® acts as a business provider by offering customers “Hunting Days and discoveries ®”, allowing to benefit from a service proposed and executed by one of the partners, selected by Chasse et découvertes ®. The responsibility of Chasse et découvertes ® is therefore limited to that of business provider for all services offered on the site.

Article 12 : Intellectual property.

The components of the pages of the web site or, in particular in the form of texts, photographs, images, icons, logos, are the full and exclusive property of Chasse et découvertes ®. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, represent, modify, transmit, publish, adapt, on any medium, by any means, or to exploit in any way, all or part of the elements mentioned in the preceding paragraph without the written and prior permission of Chasse et découvertes ®

Article 13 : Integrity of the contract.

The fact that Chasse et découvertes ® does not at any given time avail itself of any of the clauses of these Terms of Marketing cannot be construed as being worth waiving, on the part of Chasse et découvertes ®, to avail themselves at a later date of any of the so-called conditions.
In the event that one of these provisions is declared null and void, the validity of the other provisions of the Marketing Terms and Conditions will not be called into question.

Article 14 : Applicable law.

The law governing these Terms and Conditions of Marketing and the contract concluded on the occasion of an order for a Hunting Days and discoveries®” is the French law for all disputes relating, in particular, to their validity, interpretation, execution or termination.

Article 15 : Competent jurisdiction (dispute resolution)

The court responsible for litigation will be the place of residence of the defendant or the plaintiff’s choice, the place of actual delivery of the product.