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Fallow deer (suede)

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The suede measures from 1.4 to 1.6 m long for a height of 0.7 to 1m at the withers. The male, called suede, weighs from 55 to 100 kg, the female or daine weighs from 35 to 60 kg.

The suede has a black tail of 15-20 cm. The adult male wears wood with a wide and indented palmation. It is also recognized by its highly developed penile brush.
The fall of the woods takes place in April-May.
Around the age of 6 months and with the appearance of the pivots the male fawn becomes hère. After a year it carries unbranched wood and becomes daguet. It is then not possible to estimate the age of an adult based on the number of ramifications.
Its diet is mainly herbaceous. The deer is more daytime than the deer. It does not get dirty. The very large and very forward incisors of the fallow deer promote debarking. Therefore, the fallow deer is more depredating than the deer. In pens, the trampling effect is also increased by its gregariousness.