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Red partridge

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The Red Partridge is a galliform of medium size, weighing on average 400 g for the hen, 480g for the male.
The red partridge mainly frequent the spaces opened Stone with beginnings are.
It is found in three-quarters south of France.
Red partridge pairs form in February. The nest is made on the ground near a border. Laying begins around May 15. The hen makes 12 to 15 eggs. he rooster and the hen take turns incubating them for 24 days. As soon as they hatch, the young partridges leave the nest. They say they’re not nesting.
Eggs, young and adults suffer significant losses due mainly to cold and rain, agricultural work and predation. Annual losses can be, without hunting, 30-90% of young and 20-90% of adults.
The creation of shelters, such as hedges, embankments or groves and the establishment of appropriate culture are favourable arrangements for red partridge.