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Grey partridge

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Although in their vocabulary, hunters refer to all birds in this family without distinction of age, sex, or species, partridge refers to the young and partridge to the adult in both sexes; hence the saying: «At the Saint Remi (October 1) all partridges become partridges»

In both species (grey and red), the male is called the cock, the female chanterelle, the young Pouillards and the males in excess Bumblebees.

All cocks carry a dark brown horseshoe on the chest.
The distinction between the male partridge and the female partridge can easily be made by examining the scapular feathers (the closest to the body) that of the rooster are marked with a very clear median whereas that of the hen carries a cross of Lorraine.

The hen makes 15 to 20 eggs. Usually born in June. The chickens start flying 15 days later. If the first brood is destroyed, it is common for the hen to make a rework.

In France, the grey partridge known as the plain is found schematically in the northern half of the country as well as in the middle of the mountains in Auvergne-Limousin. Once adult, the grey partridge weighs about 400 grams.