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At birth the fawn weighs 6 to 9 kg depending on the origin and the living conditions. On average, the males weigh 500g more than the females.

During the first months of life, growth is rapid. Fawns take 300 to 400g per days and reach 45 to 60 kg at 6 months. The growth lasts up to 3-4 years for the female and 5-7 years for the deer, reaching 90-130 kg and 160-230 kg respectively.
The food richness of the medium determines the speed of growth.
A female is called faon until the age of one year, bichette between one and two years, then biche beyond. Adult deer are sometimes referred to as large deer. A deer is said to be followed if its fawn accompanies it, leader when it is at the head of a herd that it seems to lead.
The fawn is born covered with a pale brown livery with white spotted that disappears around 2-3 months.
About 6-8 months the male is fawn until the appearance of its pivots,
Beyond and until the age of one year, is called Hère.
After a year, it is called daguet and carries antlers, then deer carrying 6 or 10 horns, following the branching of its antlers.