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The izard of the Pyrenees differs from the chamois by its considerably smaller size. It measures from 0.70 m to 0.75 m at the withers for 1 m to 1.10 m in length. The izard male weighs is from 25 to 40 kg and the female from 20 to 32 kg.
The famous scarf is very visible on the males, it is formed by two dark bands that start from the base of the ears and end on the legs.
The chamois and izard males are called Bouc, the female Chèvre. The young before one year without distinction of sex is named chevreau, the young male in his 2nd year is called eterlou, the young female eterle. Sexual dimorphism is not very marked in chamois, both sexes carry horns. The general appearance of the male is more massive than that of the female.
Despite a widespread idea, the Izard is not an animal of the high mountain, It usually evolves between 800 and 2 300 m of altitude.