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A lucky winner

Story of a discovery

Following our contest to celebrate the coronation of Francis I (January 25, 1515) great hunter in front of the eternal, CHASSE – DECOUVERTES offered a day of hunting big game in Vendée on Saturday, January 25, 2020. David GODEFROY was the lucky one, but could not be released for this date, it was finally Fredo TESSON who had the pleasure of enjoying this gift.

The appointment is set for 9:00 a.m. and Frédéric, who did not want to miss the day, arrived well early. The master of the place welcomed him as he should with the welcome breakfast. After the paperwork and safety instructions, the small group of 7 rifles accompanied by the three trackers and their 12 dogs (beagles and Jacks Russell) left for a beautiful sunny morning. To the hunting plan deer and wild boar. The first beating gave our host the opportunity to see 3 deer, but unfortunately for him, out of reach. Despite the work of the dogs, the next two beatings did not give us an opportunity to shoot. Only woodcocks come to taunt us at the station by passing within range. It’s always like that! On the step of that they know that we do not pull them. The last beat of the morning was an opportunity to leverage many deer, but they are not obviously through the cracks. Frédéric, however, had the chance to observe for the first time in his life as a hunter, a doe, which passed 5 meters from him, she must have known that she was risking nothing.

After this beautiful morning, it was time for the troops to return to the hunting rendezvous to regain strength and enjoy the sauerkraut that the mistress of the house.

Once satisfied, the whole team left under a beautiful sun for an afternoon in search of the animals.

It must be believed that the meal was good and life-saving, car from the first hunt, our guest before a kid, a beautiful neck ball. After the congratulations of use, everyone went back in search of the Sus scrofa. Unfortunately, despite many fresh signs of presence, the dogs were unable to find it during the afternoon. A few deer were raised, but the hunting plan was reached, and they were not drawn. With beautiful images in the head, the whole team joined the house for the presentation of the painting and the delivery of the broken one to our guest. During the traditional post-hunting pot, everyone goes with their anecdote about the day that has just ended. Frédéric left happy from his day, spent in a family atmosphere as on the likes and especially with the pleasure of having observed a real doe at 5 meters and to have discovered a beautiful territory with an exceptional biotope.

The whole team was very happy to have been able to share this good moment with Frédéric who proved to be a very pleasant, friendly and very respectful hunting companion. Perhaps we will have the pleasure of receiving again at the next hunt.