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“PRESTIGIOUS” Duck hunt in the Yonne.


The stay includes:

  • A day of hunting on the estate.
  • Breakfast.
  • Lunch, and drinks.
  • The presentation and the distribution of the venison.

The stay does not include:

  • Drinks at the bar.
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Take part in a duck hunt in the Yonne.

This enclosed territory, of 410 hectares, consists of 380 hectares of wood in the middle of which you will discover three magnificent ponds, two of about 7 hectares and one of 14 hectares, specially designed for duck hunting. During the three run, you will be placed in strategic positions. The ponds ducks hunting will allow you to make magnificent shots on ducks fly by hundreds. You can collect mallard ducks, teals, but also snipes and many other anatids depending on the passages in the area. At the end of each run, it will be time to pick up the game that has fallen into the water or into the reeds. It will then be up to your companion to get on the track for your greatest pleasure but also for his. If you do not have a dog, those in the estate will be happy to participate in your happiness, by recovering the fruit of your hunt.

Hunting plan of 350 to 400 pieces based on 15 to 20 hunters.

  • Validation of hunting licence, national or departmental (89)
  • Valid insurance to be presented during the stay.
  • Shooting with steel shot exclusively.

Number of hunters: 1 to 20

For the accompanying without rifles package of 20 euros for the meal.

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